Testimonial about the April 25 2018 event

Sara Corry (left) – Healthy Villages, Inc. co-director and Lisa Bowers, RN (right)


Thanks to NNNE and SMYS for co-sponsoring a fun networking event on Wednesday, April 25! Healthy Villages, Inc. was pleased to be included, representing our organization and our partnership with SMYS for medical missions in Ghana, West Africa.

The event during the day on Wednesday featured many organizations and businesses that support nurses and the nursing profession. From job and educational opportunities for nurses, to aromatherapy and self-care to deal with stress, to products designed by nurses for nurses to make their jobs easier, there was something to fill every need. There were even businesses selling beautiful jewelry and clothing so busy professionals could buy themselves a little treat. Of course, SMYS and NNNE had tables and did a brisk business! 

The location near the heart of historic Alexandria, Virginia was perfect, and the accommodations in the Holiday Inn were comfortable. If the event is located here again, I might consider looking for a B&B in Old Town Alexandria, as the Old Town area has a lot of fascinating history to explore. Lisa Bowers and I ate dinner in a restaurant where George Washington dined, with waitpersons in historical costumes. There was even a man dressed like Benjamin Franklin who entertained diners with a long and occasionally humorous speech!

Lisa and I enjoyed chatting with lots of nurses about our work in impoverished villages in Ghana, bringing acute medical care to people who have little to no access to any form of medical care, and helping people recognize and begin treatment for chronic conditions. We gave out business cards and brochures and had about 40 people sign up to receive information about upcoming missions and events.

Lisa has been on two of the six missions we’ve organized and led and was able to answer questions from a volunteer’s perspective. She was also instrumental in organizing at least 50 volunteers to sew and put together 600 kits of washable menstrual pads and accessories that we gave out to poor girls and women in the villages during our women’s health mission in February and March of this year. 

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Nurse Born Products


Dear Faith,

I wanted to thank you for the wonderful day that we had at the National Nurse's Networking Event. We had a wonderful experience! 

 I am still following up with people that I met at the event.  I can't wait to learn about the next gathering.

Thank you,

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Better Fit Nurses

April 25 2018


National Nurse's Networking Event

Updated: May 2

It's gonna be MAY.

Hey guys, whats up. I hope everyone is enjoying the weather today on the first day of May. 

So last week, Better Fit Nurses attended the National Nurse's Networking Event in Washington cohosted by National Nurse's Networking and Show Me Your Stethoscope.

What a magnificent event it was! Faith Lawlor was really wonderful. As a vendor, Better Fit Nurses had a great table (two actually!) with lots of space around us. She was incredibly organized, so it was so easy to participate. Faith showed us our table and we got all set up!

Some more quick shout outs- We were happy to see Janie Harvey Garner at it again, Alley Staffier being her wonderful self, and Andrew Lopez snapping more pictures! 

Also, we had a wonderful time meeting and doing a small segment for Q the Nurse that you can watch by clicking the link below!

 Because we had a lot of space, we were able to demonstrate so much more! We walked a Nurse through four exercises that she could take home and do every morning, and certainly before work to set her up for a great day. She loved that we videoed her performing each exercise as I give verbal cues and directions by the phone. I can't wait to see how she feels in a couple of weeks!


We were able to do a couple of Functional Movement Screens with some Nurses who asked to participate! We were happy to talk with them and listen to how much they need our service. 

It's one thing to know about all the injuries that happen among a industry.

And it's quite another to hear personal stories of Work Related Injuries 600 times in a row in the span of a couple hours. They really need our help. 

We talked with Nurses from California, Tennessee, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Ohio, Florida, all over the United States, and they all have comparable stories.

We have some work to do... but we're ready. 


Email us today,

We are happy to personalize packages for organizations or even just groups of people who want to move better and live healthier. 


Unplug. Anyways, it was a successful event. Enjoy the weather and have a great rest of your week!

Written By: Danielle Kwoka